東京 中央区出身


As a flower artist, photographer and director, she works on a wide range of flower styling, photographs and direction for various commercial photos, magazine, company calendar, package design, product design.
Also she has various stock images of flowers and styles.

公益社団法人 日本広告写真家協会正会員

ハイフォトアワード2011 セミグランプリ
2013 New York Japanese Arts Selection 入賞
2016 第44 回APA アワード 広告作品部門 入選
2016 第44 回 APA アワード 写真作品部門 入選

2012 3月「北欧ビンテージと花」 グループ展  hacco・東京, 羽田
2012 7月「Power of the Earth」個展 Gallery45°・ 東京, 京橋
2013 8月「Power of the Earth」個展  AG Gallery・Brooklyn, New York
2013 10月「Japanese Arts Selection」展 NOoSPHERE Art Gallery・Manhattan, New York
2014 4月「アフォーダブルアートフェア ニューヨーク」 Metropolitan Pavilion NY
2014 4月「X2」グループ展 Onishi Project Gallery・Chelsea, New York
2014年 12月「Holiday Show」グループ展 Onishi Project Gallery・Chelsea, New York
2015年 3月「Dreaming Petals」個展 美岳画廊 ・東京、八丁堀
2015年 8月 「SUMMER BLOOMING 〜Power of the Earth〜 個展 三菱自動車本社ショールーム 環境ギャラリー ・ 東京 港区 芝 2016年 6月「FLOWER TALES」 〜Power of the Earh〜 個展 dish ・ 東京 渋谷区 代々木上原


Yoko started working as a professional flower designer over twenty years ago and has received many accolades. Both in 2010 and 2011, she won awards for her photography of her own flower designs.

Yoko started a new career at a major design firm as a graphic artist and artistic photographer and has produced various work, such as calendar for major cosmetic company, a line of smartphone covers, and posters. Yoko specialises in advertising and flower magazines.

Solo Show, Group Show Exhibition
2016.6 Aug「FLOWER TALES」 〜Power of the Earh〜 Restaurant dish ・ Tokyo(Solo Show)  2015.8 Aug「SUMMER BLOOMING」〜Power of the Earth〜 Mitsubishi Mortars Gallery・Tokyo ( Solo Show ) 2015.3 Mar「Dreaming Petals」Gallery Mitake・Tokyo (Solo Show)
2014.12 DecGroup Exhibition「Holiday Show」Onishi Project Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2014.4 ApriGroup Exhibition 「x2」 Onishi Project Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2014.4 ApriAffordable Art Fair New York Metropolitan Pavilion, NY
2013.10 OctJapanese Arts Selection  NOoSPHERE Art Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2013.8 Aug「Power of the Earth」 AG Gallery・Brooklyn, New York (Solo show)
2012.7 Jul「Power of the Earth」Gallery45°・Tokyo (Solo show)
2012.3 Mar「 Maaliskuu」 hacco ・Tokyo (Group show)

Winning a prize in the 44th APA Award 2016 - Commercial photo section
Winning a prize in the 44th APA Award 2016 - Photography section
2013 New York Japanese Arts Selection SUSAN ELEY prize
High Photo Award Japan 2011 Semi Grand Prize


Née à Tokyo, district de Chuo-ku
Artiste florale, photographe
Fait ses débuts vers 20 ans en tant qu’artiste florale et réalise de nombreuses compositions. Fort de son expérience en tant qu’artiste florale, contribue à des magazines d’art floral et de la presse féminine en tant que photographe.
En 2011 et 2012, les photographies qu’elle prend elle-même de ses compositions florales sont primées et commercialisées.
Se consacre depuis, plus particulièrement, à son activité d’artiste en photographie florale.
Depuis, ses activités couvrent des domaines variés, tels que les coques pour smartphones, les posters,
les calendriers de grands groupes cosmétiques et des contrats avec des sociétés de design.

Récompenses :
Semi Grand Prix à « 44e APA Award 2016 -Publicité photo département »
Semi Grand Prix à « 44e APA Award 2016 -Art photo département »
Primée à « 2013 New York Japanese Arts Selection
Semi Grand Prix à « High Photo Award 2011 »


일본 도쿄
중앙구 출신
플라워아티스트 또 사진작가 로서 꽃을 매인에 잡지,여성잡지의 사진작가,광고사진,기업달력,패키지,제품디자인,꽃의스타일링,사진을 폭넓게 담당하고 있습니다.
풍부한 꽃의 종류,스톡 포토를 소유.

公益社사단법인 일본광고사진작가협회 정회원

수상 경력
하이 포토 아워도 2011 세미그랑프리
2013New York Japanese Arts Selection 입선
2016년 제44회 APA아워도 광고작품 부문 입선
2016년 제44회 APA아워도 사진작품 부문 입선

국내외 개인전,그룹전
2012년 3월「북유럽빈티지 와 꽃」 그룹전 hacco・도교,하네다
2012년 7월「Power of the Earth」개인전 Gallery45°・ 도교,교바시
2013년 8월「Power of the Earth」개인전 AG Gallery・Brooklyn, New York
2013년 10월「Japanese Arts Selection」개인전 NOoSPHERE Art Gallery・Manhattan, New York
2014년 4월「아포 더블아트페어 뉴욕」 Metropolitan Pavilion NY
2014년 4월「X2」그룹전 Onishi Project Gallery・Chelsea, New York
2014년12월「Holiday Show」그룹전 Onishi Project Gallery・Chelsea, New York
2015년 3월「Dreaming Petals」개인전 미타게화랑 ・도교,핫초보리
2015년 8월 「SUMMER BLOOMING ~Power of the Earth~ 개인전 미추비시자동차본사쇼룸 한경 갤러리 ・ 도교,미나토 구 시바
2016년 6월「FLOWER TALES」 ~Power of the Earh~ 개인전 dish ・도교,시부야 구 요요기우에하라

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