【 Flower Photo in June 】Pink and Pale blue

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“Flower photo for this month”  Vol.34 Hydrangea
今月のフラワーフォト Vol.34   アジサイ


These days we feel humidity whether and sometimes the rainfall continues all day as a rainy season. On this day we think the rainy season is coming.


It is easy to associate the month of June with rain and water, and the color image of June is blue.


In Japan the rainy season comes in June, and a damp day continues for a long period. Meanwhile, this styling brings you feel early summer. Against the background of aqua blue color and the glasses filled with water, I selected pale pink color’s flowers for this month. I prefer to put the bounded Hydrangea bouquet in the vase in place of using floral-foam. The flower “Hydrangea” is very popular as a flower of June.










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