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“Flower photo for this month”  Vol.32  Cherry Blossoms
今月のフラワーフォト Vol.32   サクラ

Cherry blossoms, pink color, and starting of a new life, beginning of academic year and business year etc. are the words express the month of April.

In this month we feel the pleasant weather and spring brings the warm sunshine.


Cherry blossoms in Japan is very famous all over the world.

Cherry blossoms bloom quite a short period and it impress us the flower is precious.


In this styling I selected Japanese confectionery, Japanese style chandlery, and pink and pale pink color rose, ranunculus and cherry blossom which remind us of the month “April”.

I am going to take you to “Cherry Blossoms Viewing” with this spring styling.


サクラは日本の花として世界的に有名です。 開花を楽しめる期間が短いのでさらに特別な花という印象が強いです。







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