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“Flower photo for this month”  Vol.51  Fir Tree

今月のフラワーフォト Vol.51   樅 (モミ)


I post you my Monthly Flower Photo introducing my flower arrangement and styling and you may feel the change of the seasons with it’s color.

Times go so fast and this year is ending soon. The flower market is alive with many flowers for decorating Christmas and New Year.

I have made an Christmas arrangement with selecting various theme of colors and styling in the past. For this year I choose the black ornament and join with beige and gold color leaf and objets and this become a calm and elegant styling and arrangement.

I will enjoy the christmas feeling of warm and peace with candle lights.


毎月、季節に合ったカラーテーマを決め、その色に合わせたフラワーアレンジとスタイリングを提案しているMonthly Flower Photo。




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