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“Flower photo for this month”  Vol.50  Apple

今月のフラワーフォト Vol.50   リンゴ


I post you my Monthly Flower Photo introducing my flower arrangement and styling and you may feel the change of the seasons with it’s color.

During the past few days, it is getting colder and chilly in the morning and night.

Now, the harvest season has come. Chestnuts, persimmons and apples!

I selected apples as key materials for this autumn arrangement. Many of arrangements use apples for their decorations but for this month apples play the principal role. I express cool air and the appearance of the fruits changing their color from green to red in this design.

Apple tree is a rose family fruit tree and the arrangement of apples with rose flowers make a peaceful space.


毎月、季節に合ったカラーテーマを決め、その色に合わせたフラワーアレンジとスタイリングを提案しているMonthly Flower Photo。

今回は、リンゴをメインにしたアレンジメント、秋のスタイリングです。 ひんやりとした空気、実がグリーンから赤に変わる様子、そんなイメージです。



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