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“Flower photo for this month”  Vol.47  Hydrangea 

今月のフラワーフォト Vol.47   アジサイ


Now it is a midst of rainy season and it makes us feel blue. On another front hydrangea with rain drops fascinated us during the rainy season.

I selected blue and purple color flowers, Hydrangea, Clematis etc. and arranged them in a glass vase to be a cool and fresh styling.

The styling mixing of bluish green color flowers and fresh green has a Japanese atmosphere and it seems a scenery of Meigetsu-in temple, which temple is very famous as Hydrangea and we call it “Ajisai temple” means “Hydrangea temple”.

This arrangement blend in with the dark color’s wood texture background and we feel fresh air in this Japanese taste styling.


雨が憂鬱な季節です が、雨に濡れたアジサイが綺麗なのもこの時期。








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